"The Aftermath of the Civil War: We're living it" - Shared screen with speaker view
Melissa Barnes
Thank you so much for giving this talk! My question is about the 13th amendment: I believe you said the part about jail had an "unintended" consequence. How do we know that many, many jailed blacks was not the exact intended consequence?
Melissa Barnes
You mentioned that the Constitution does not actually give anyone the right to vote because it is riddled with negatives and more so says what cannot be done. What are the chances that we could "reboot" America with a revised and inclusively rewritten Constitution?
John O’Reilly
Thank you Professor. Is it correct that the doctrine “separate but equal” is embedded in the Reconstruction Amendments as a result of political compromise necessary to secure passage of the Amendments?
Great presentation. Just want to let everyone know that there is a great documentary now on Prime Video called "The Long Shadow". It gives some background information preceding Reconstruction.
Carol Anshien
What about the counting of Black (men?) in the census? When did the 3/5th count no longer apply?
moira Egan
This is why this program is such a wonderful nitiative, so we can all be equipped to challenge injustice when we encounter it.
Elke Lerman
Thank you!
Carol Anshien
thank you.
Melissa Barnes
Aw! I thought it ended at 6:30pm.